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You Don’t Have To Eat Less, You Just Have To Eat Right

A detailed and exact-timed diet – consisting of your favourite foods – planned as per your daily routine / schedule – works even while you’re travelling – and helps you to achieve your health & fitness goals efficiently in a faster way – keeping your mind free from worries of food planning, eating right and staying fit. Therefore, achieve weight management goals and experience multifold increase in energy levels with diets which are healthy & nutritious and do not deprive you of any essential macro/micro nutrient.Research has shown that regular monitoring by a qualified dietitian increases compliance with the diet and help people achieve their fitness goals faster. We provide home made diet plan. Depending on your day to day routine. We do not work on any medicine & supplements. We guarantee 5 kg weight loss and gain in 1 month.


Consulting services for health, fitness, health-tech, corporate & wellness to incorporate the right diet principles, strategies, ideas and information that can cater to their specific target health.


Activity-based customized diet workshops and seminars focusing on practical strategies at schools, colleges, institutions, corporate, small-medium businesses, fitness organizations and more.


Personalized diet programmes for individuals with specific health goals through nutrition counseling and one on one coaching.

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